This project was my own submission for the brand 'Hidden'. A competition made where designers all around the world could submit their design for the next Hidden t-shirt drop. The only constraint was to have the brands name and the letter H. 

My perspective was to go completely out the box, I had this idea to draw the whole logo and character I was going to have in it. Instead I went with the idea to mix 2D and 3D elements. Depicting the logo, with a bubble surrounding it meant to represent the circle the surrounds the letter H. Point of this piece was to illustrate the two guys rotating around the bubble, being one with it. I got inspired by the yin yang symbol and Michaelangelo's famous painting 'The Creation of Adam'. 

In my design they are laying and almost rotating around the bubble, while smoking bubbles and their hands almost connecting. It feels historic but also modern and weird, it's cartoony and my depiction of a different way to shine on Hidden's brand. Since my drawing and 3D render was complex, I decided to make the typography a lot more simple. But I still needed to give a hint of something dynamic. With the outline shadow making it look kind of 3D, the colour palette and making the o in Melbourne look like it has spikes or leaves in it. 


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