My client came to me with one goal, create a prestigious and simplistic logo. A design that represents his likes, and how he will run his business. J.coles Car Detailing is a car detailing business, that focuses on the best professional quality. 

We struggled at first, the bottom rough designs he liked but it was still too detailed for him. The car had too much to it, which wasn't his style of choice. I had to think about incorporating in an illustration that had a lot less linework but still make it pop. These kinds of styles is something I've explored more recently, doing a lot more logos that aren't tailored towards the creative arts industry where they tend to be a lot more off beat. Was definitely a learning curve! To remain simple I just changed some of the strokes thicknesses to add more weight and definition. 

He also had an issue when he had his sibling conceptualizing something prior to me working with him. Problem was trying to fit his slogan and number in without making it look out of place. Thinking outside my box, I created the typography to wrap around the illustration.

I decided on creating an emblem as a logo, the car being the most captivating. May be an odd choice but when people randomly see this sticker on his car as an example they will look directly at that. I purposely went with the same font for the company's name and slogan, because it visually made sense with the circular motion. Client really liked script writing for the choice of font, after trial and error he was over the moon with the choice since it was easy to read and the final result! 
simple, prestigious, clean


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