Prince Love is a Melbourne/Naarm based alternative RNB & soul RNB artist. There's always something about creating designs for other types of creators, just one of my favourite things to do. The only restriction given to me was making sure the wordmark logo was cursive, Prince stated that was imperative as it gives him a relaxing presence looking at joint hand writing which resonates with himself. 

What we both loved about all three finished designs was they hold some kind of retro vibe to them. As if you saw this logo on top of an arcade game right before you slotted a $1 coin into it. It was my choice of colours, choosing both cool tones for the blue and pink. I made sure with this trio not to stray too far away from each other but also looking really different in certain details. As you may tell, the top image is 3D, middle image is 2D with no lighting or texture with a 1mm purple shadow, and the last being almost the same but with a inner/outer glow and a pixelated pink outline stroke.

That's why we both really happy with the results, since the plan is using them in different scenarios! I envisioned the 3D logo maybe being on a poster design of Prince Love, the middle design being an intro to a film clip to one of his songs, the last design maybe on some clothing. I think it's a vice versa situation, giving the creative freedom to use these anywhere and make it work. That's what really sold Prince on his new logo pack. 

Cursive, Smooth, Heart-warming 


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