RENDED REKORDS, a Melbourne/Naarm record label, founded by DJ and music producer 'Nozze'. Labels music niche consists of electronic dance music (EDM) leaning towards genres like techno, house and trance. I was given a mission to create these pieces that gave an electronic and chromatic vibe. He wanted a circular logo and straight logo to start having merchandise made for his brands. 

The spherical logo was solely made as a backpiece to be placed on the back of his merchandise. Whereas the straight logo is the main identity, being at the front. The result of this was astounding as I really created something futuristically modern. What we both unitedly thought was so cool was seeing a tangible product of my work. How the colours and style popped out on a t-shirt! Basically without tooting my own horn, you were bound to take a glimpse at a shirt with these designs if you were walking past. 
That was the whole point for this project, sure to make it look like it relates to something EDM. But to make it stand out, I think making the logos glossy and really shiny on the highlights made this happen.

Futuristic, Glossy, Distorted
Here's an animation motion loop I made for him, just purely because I love doing this kind of work and wanted him to have a video to market himself with. Presently, having video content like reels, will help with gaining traction to people and boost you up in the algorithm. My vision for this animation was to bring the spherical logo to life, making it spin and rotate like a globe. 


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