NOIZ444 is a Melbourne rap/hip-hop artist who came to me with a mission to create iconic shoes for him to wear as part of his image and art piece that he can forever appreciate.

 This piece is heavily inspired by the old anime movie 'Akira'. He approached me with no idea in mind but knew it had to represent this movie. It challenged me because I had never really drawn motorcycles, nor painted them on a shoe which at the time was a different canvas than what I'm used to. I created two separate themes on the shoes, making opposite cool and warm colours contrast.

 We both loved the outcome of it as I really went outside the box and made two completely different designs. To this day he only wears them on special occasions because he is too scared he will ruin the 'masterpiece'.


This design piece is based on the NBA team LA Lakers, incorporating two star NBA players, Lebron James, and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. The mission of this project was to create a Lakers-style shoe, using their colourway and painting two really influential athletes.
The client didn't have an exact end goal in mind for how he wanted the shoes to turn out,  he just knew what he kind of wanted and let me get to work. It was a different experience, I wasn't sure how I was going to paint them and in what style. So I decided to create something different, painting linework, shading and lighting, and adding my own little touch of effects to it. 

He was over the moon with the end result as I recreated two of his favourite players,  making it totally different from other custom shoe pieces he's seen made inspired by the LA Lakers.

This was a personal brand theme piece I created as a marketing strategy to gain clients in the shoe design industry. I was inspired by walking by a barb-wired fence and thought I would create something chaotic, something we all can feel a little of during our life.

The small black flames were displayed as extremities of that, using cartoon styles and being full of expression. This was the first ever shoe I painted, it was challenging learning a whole different process. But it was really worth it as it opened up different avenues I could take with painting on things.


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